Easter 2016: New Birth Through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is fundamental to the Christian faith. It is a non-negotiable fact, and indispensable to what it means to be a Christian. Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, commemorates Easter Sunday with a rich exposition on a new birth we are given in Jesus Christ, because of His resurrection, and the living hope we have in Him by being born again of the Spirit.

Job: From Tragedy To Triumph – God Speaks Out of the Storm

Interestingly, in God’s response to Job, He does not once refer to Job’s suffering, nor to the role Satan played, but for four chapters speaks of Himself. It is the closest autobiography we are given of God in Scripture, and is remarkable for both what God says and what He does not say. This week, Charles Price explains the connotations of God’s response, which gives Job an entirely new perspective. Throughout his ordeal, Job had heard nothing from God until He speaks out of the storm, and from this, we learn important aspects about the silence of God in our darkest times.

Job: From Tragedy To Triumph – Delusions about the Dominion and Discipline of God

Job has four friends who come to console him in his time of suffering, but end up condemning him, because they are convinced he has committed sin against God. Last week, we heard how Eliphaz and Bildad arrived at their conclusions as to why Job was suffering. This week, Charles Price takes an in depth look at what Zophar and Elihu have to say. All their conclusions are built on false premises, and we come to understand any reasoning for one’s suffering must be rooted in the love of God if we are going to be of comfort.

Job: From Tragedy To Triumph – Job’s Miserable Comforters

Four friends of Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar and Eluid hear of the catastrophe that had befallen Job, and set out to visit him with intentions of sympathizing and comforting. Instead, they end up accusing, criticizing and condemning. Job calls them ‘miserable comforters’. Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, gives us insight into the explanations for Job’s suffering as given by his first two friends, Eliphaz and Bildad. From it, we learn what not to assume as to why we are suffering, and what not to say or presume when comforting others in their suffering.