Gender & Sexuality: Finding the Right Spouse

There are two crucial issues we deal with in life. Who or what is going to be our master and who is going to be our mate? Both will have lifelong repercussions, so we must choose wisely. If we have chosen Christ as our Master, and have fully submitted to Him, then He has promised to guide our way, which includes finding the right person to marry. From the story of Abraham and his faithful servant, Charles Price cites ten points that places finding the right person into God’s hands, and not just our own.

Gender & Sexuality: The Purpose and Pitfalls of Sex

About 50 years ago, the sexual revolution began to gain momentum. The seeds for this had been sown about 100 years ago, particularly in the western world. This week, Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, discusses the purpose and pitfalls of sex in a society that has become predominately subjective in moral attitude and behaviour, rather than objective in keeping with the word of God.

Gender & Sexuality: The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage

One of the facts of life is that relationships are vital to our well-being. We need to feel connected, to be known and loved, and to love. The deepest relationship we have outside of Christ is found in marriage. From Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Charles Price sheds light on common myths about marriage, and explains how marriage is intended to illustrate Christ’s relationship to His church.

Gender & Sexuality: Facing the Gender Dilemma

In today’s world, we are blown around by different crosswinds of various cultures and social change, especially in the area of sexuality that many people simply drift with the times. This week, Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, begins a new series in which he gives an understanding of the gender dilemma in society today. In this first part of “Gender & Sexuality”, Charles explains God’s intended purpose in creating and uniting both male and female.