Gender & Sexuality: The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage

One of the facts of life is that relationships are vital to our well-being. We need to feel connected, to be known and loved, and to love. The deepest relationship we have outside of Christ is found in marriage. From Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Charles Price sheds light on common myths about marriage, and explains how marriage is intended to illustrate Christ’s relationship to His church.

One thought on “Gender & Sexuality: The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage”

  1. Hello, my husband is a pastor. We both went to Dallas the logical seminary he has his teacher him I have my Masters and Christian education and women’s ministry. We are now pastoring a church in Maine. However our biggest source of pain has been this very topic in our marriage. My husband is very much the head, the boss man, at times I have felt lord it over and the scripture used against me in order to force me to submit to his will. I struggle with issues of codependency of which God is healing me and making me stronger. For many years I never spoke up my Viewpoint on things because I thought it would be useless or it wasn’t my role as a wife or I feared rejection and him not loving me because I had a different viewpoint. Turns out I am a complement Terrian without hierarchy. My husband is very traditional complement Terrian. I lean toward agreeing with egalitarians that we are both equal in authority in marriage. However I believe that the created order directs us to as women submit to her husband’s in this life as a roleNot a rank. I have had my husband listen to your sermon and unfortunately he is very hardened and blinded by any truth regarding this. He actually believes you’re teaching is errands and heretical at points. I am so sad but I am strong in the Lord I don’t want to be just obeying God and he often makes me feel like I am by believing this. Please help

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