Gender & Sexuality: Facing the Gender Dilemma

In today’s world, we are blown around by different crosswinds of various cultures and social change, especially in the area of sexuality that many people simply drift with the times. This week, Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, begins a new series in which he gives an understanding of the gender dilemma in society today. In this first part of “Gender & Sexuality”, Charles explains God’s intended purpose in creating and uniting both male and female.

Faith, Hope and Love – All You Need is Love

Love is the greatest of all virtues. In John’s epistles, he states twice that “God is love” (1 John 4:8 & 16). Love is not simply an attribute of God such as His omnipotence or omniscience. It His nature, His core and defines His very being. This week, Charles Price concludes this series with an expose on the love of God that is inherent in every Christian by the indwelling Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Faith, Hope and Love – Born Again To A Living Hope

Hope is one of the great virtues that enable us to live in dark and difficult times. Without hope we have no sense of joy, meaning or life. Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, gives us a biblical understanding of hope and speaks on the wonderful aspects of heaven, which every person in Jesus Christ has the immense blessing of enjoying throughout eternity.

Faith, Hope and Love – Faith Against the Odds

1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 is considered the classic chapter on love in which Paul beautifully states, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (13:13). This week, Charles Price begins a three part series and explains how all of Christian experience sits on faith, hope and love. Love without faith, faith without hope and hope without love is not a functioning Christian life. Like a three-legged stool, if one of the legs breaks, the stool will collapse. We are not at liberty to have one without the other. These three must remain intact.

James: Just Do It – What to Do About Our Troubles

With little exception, if any, every adult experiences times of trouble, whether it is illness, marital, finance, work, our children or circumstances in general. We have also experienced times of happiness. This week, Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, concludes his series from the book of James by giving us a biblical response in times of trouble and happiness, with an emphasis placed on what James teaches our response should be when seriously ill.

James: Just Do It – What to Do About Our Brevity

Most of us will agree the older we get the faster time flies. It goes without saying that compared to eternity our lives on earth do not last very long. This week, Charles Price speaks on the brevity, not only of our lives, but of our monetary wealth, and stresses the importance of having our priorities in place so that we can live this life without fear of the day when it comes to an end.

James: Just Do It – What to Do With Battles Within You

What is wrong with our world and how do we put it right? Those are big questions asked all the time, not just from us individually, but in the United Nations, in our governments, our schools and places of business. From the teaching of James, Charles Price gets down to the source and explains how it begins within ourselves, and the battles we face on three different fronts in which the only answer to putting the world right is by putting ourselves right.

James: Just Do It – What to Do With Your Tongue

It is ironic how just about the smallest part of our anatomy can wield such incredible power. With our tongues we can make people laugh or cry; build them up or tear them down; make friendships or break them, build marriages or destroy them. This week, Charles Price continues with his teaching from the book of James, which gives us a very prolific message about the power of our words deriving from the disposition of our hearts.

Only You Can Fill My Deepest Longings

Both good and bad experiences of our youth contribute to the adults we become, and sometimes there are roadblocks that prevent us from being all that we could be. To commemorate Mother’s Day, Hilary Price uses the opening Scripture passage to help us identify where we are in this picture of the Good Shepherd with His lambs and His sheep. She speaks of roadblocks, both past and present, becoming a gateway that leads us to Jesus Christ and all that we can be in Him.

James: Just Do It – What to Do With Faith In God

The above verse is from one of the most controversial sections in arguably the most controversial book in the Bible. This week, Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, explains what appears to be a controversy in light of what James says as opposed to a very crucial statement Paul makes in Romans. Charles gives us a definitive answer to the controversy, and clarifies good works being a natural expression of a genuine faith in Christ and His life within us.